Through the body – Practicing connections in between body, imagination and sound


We exist from and through a body in permanent relationship and crossing, immersed in air.

In this practical session we will train our attention to the relationships between physical and sound impulses, instigating the sensitivity and imagination of the bodies, attentive to the emergence of possible “writings” that manifest themselves “through” bodies and “between” bodies.

About the speaker

©Filipe Ferreira

Catarina Lacerda, Actress
Graduated in Theater Studies at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo (ESMAE/IPP) with Eng.º António de Almeida award (2004). Specialist Professor with recognised experience and professional competence by the CTC of ESMAE/IPP (2014). Adjunct Professor at ESMAE, since 2006, of Movement for Actors and Acting. Co-founder and co-artistic directress of Teatro do Frio (, multidisciplinary project in which she develops, since 2005, artistic research practicing relationships in between , interpretation, writing and staging. In Teatro do Frio she directed the projects/perfomances VOZ and NU#03 (2022), Manifestações e Viveiros (2021), NU#01 (2020), Sal (2015), Comer a Língua (2013) and Retalhos (2009). Coordinates since 2020 the project Toponymy (, an annual publication were the artistic research of Teatro do Frio is revealed and shared in open access. With the invitation of Teatro Nacional S. João (TNSJ), she integrated the Gulbenkian project “10×10″ as a tutor artist in the 2015 edition, publishing later the chapter “Entre a epopeia e o vórtice” em “10 × 10 – Ensaios entre Arte e Educação, 55-75. 2017. Edições Gulbenkian” ( Since than she collaborates regularly with the TNSJ Educational Center . As an actress, she collaborated with Nuno Carinhas and Nuno M/TNSJ, Nuno Cardoso/Ao Cabo Teatro, Gonçalo Amorim/TEP, Luís Miguel Cintra/Cornucópia, Beatriz Batarda, João Pedro Vaz, Jorge Louraço Figueira, Ewan Downie/Company of wolves, Paula Maracajá/Coletivo em Silêncio and Igor Gandra/TdFerro. At TNSJ she was part of the cast of Das Tripas Coração (2018), O Fim das Possibilities (2015) and Casas Pardas (2012). At the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II she participated in the project 74 Eunices (2015), directed the staged reading Incesto (2009) and was part of the cast of Ego (2009). In cinema, highlights the collaboration with André Gil Mata/O Pátio do Carrasco (2022), Rodrigo Areias/A Pedra Espera Dar Flor (2021), João Miguel Ferreira/Viveiros (2021), Luís Ismael/1618 (2019), Pedro Filipe Marques/O Lugar que ocupas e Sal (2016), Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra/Noite Sangrenta(2010)/Acordar(2001), Carlos Amaral/Longe do Éden (2013) and António Ferreira/Deus não Quero (2007), with which received the Best Acting Award – Cyprus International Short Film Festival.