The Seed of Art in String Teaching


Sunday, 24th March, 11am-11:30am

“Connecting people,” the theme of the 52nd International ESTA Conference, is fantastically chosen to depict the crucial problem of the human race. Communication problems are the basic issues these days. The lack of communication is the cause of a great number of divorces, bad relationships between parents and children, conflicts between countries, wars… As we are all starting to be aware of “global heating,” we should also be aware of “emotional cooling.”
Our politicians, our leaders are neglecting the artistic aspect of the educational system. In recent years, many European countries are decreasing the quantity of lessons in so-called “artistic subjects” – only subjects connected to emotions, only subjects where children can express or mention their feelings. Learn about their feelings.
Human beings cannot live isolated. Even in prisons, the worst punishment is to be sent to solitary confinement. PEOPLE DESPERATELY NEED OTHER PEOPLE. And Art is the best link to other people. That’s what we do. That’s our job. To recognize the Seed of Creativity in every child. To help it grow and bloom.

About the speaker

Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić, Cello

Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated with professor Milan Nagy at Zagreb Music Academy. For more than 20 years she was the chairperson of Cello Department of all the music schools in Croatia, Chairperson of String department of all the music schools in Zagreb. She founded Antonio Janigro Association, as well for many years she was a president of Croatian String Teachers’ Association (Croatian ESTA).

She has devoted herself to teaching, especially focusing on young cellists. During 45 years of her teaching career, her students have won over one hundred national and international competitions, among them Junior Tchaikovsky Competition 1995 – 1st prize; Adam’s Competition, New Zealand – 1st prize; Premio Stradivari Caruana, Milano in 1999 – 1st prize; A. Janigro Competition 1996 – 2nd prize; ARD Munich 2000 – 2nd prize; Rostropovich Competition 1997 – 3rd prize.

Professor Berković-Magdalenić’s students continue to study with the world recognized artists and teachers as Eleonore Schoenfeld, Aldo Parisot, Emed Peled, Peter Down, Nikola Ružević, David Geringas, Antonio Meneses, Ivan Monigheti, Jens Peter Meinz, Michael Flaksman, Valter Dešpalj, and Monika Leskovar, … Many others still study or have graduated from the Zagreb Music Academy. Her students have performed all over the world.

She was very active as a founder and organizer of several current international string and cello competitions such as “Rudolf Matz International String Competition”, and “Antonio Janigro International Cello Competition“.

As the president of the Croatian ESTA, Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić established in 1987 the International Summer School “UPBEAT-Hvar”, which includes master classes, children’s courses, and a Chamber Music Festival with performances by many world-renowned artists. Every year there are more than 500 participants in a variety of classes, held by distinguished artists, making “UPBEAT-Hvar” the biggest event of this kind in Croatia. She founded UPBEAT Festival – Japanese branch.

Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić wrote several books for young cellists and their teachers. She became a Councilor at Ministry of Education and received prestigious awards as: Ministry of Education Award, and Ministry of Culture Award, as well as “ The teacher of the year Award” at the cello Competition Talents for Europe ( Slovakia).