4 – Showcase – The Celizy® teaching device for cello beginners


Saturday, 31st October 2020- 11.30 am-12.00pm

The Celizy® pedagogical Solution is a new accessory devoted to beginning cellists. It is the result of my methodical observation of beginners of all ages during my last 30 years of teaching experience.

THE main difficulty for beginning students is truly the bow hold and for a long time, teachers have been seeking for a device that would make the string instruments beginning easier to their students. Some devices do already exist for cello. They tend either

  • to ease up the bow hold
  • facilitate the bow angle on the strings.

The Celizy® pedagogical Solution belongs to the 1st case. My intention is to show you that there are many benefits to use it from the very first steps until a correct and relaxed position is installed either

  • in individual lessons for the students to improve faster
  • in group classes where we, teachers, don’t have much time to devote to bow hold … that qualifies sound quality, that in return motivates the students.

What are the physiological gestures that we all do at the beginning that do not fit with cello playing?

  • we clutch the bow nut that strains the right thumb, arm and shoulder
  • we break the wrist, so heighten the elbow and the shoulder, then block it high and broken.

Consequently, the shape of the Celizy® pedagogical Solution aims to prevent these bad flaws.

Also, I have worked – along with a factory research department – after a device that would be very convenient to use:

  • it is very light and very handy. It is not necessary to remove it before storing the bow in the case.
  • its net structure brings about an exceptional lightness (circa 6 grams) and fits the essential requirement of not weighing down the bow.
  • its shape is ergonomic
  • It is very helpful for either students or teachers if are considered
  • The good sound quality that it provides at once
  • The time that is spared either for students or teachers
  • The flaws it prevents that would be particularly difficult to correct afterward

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About the speaker

Odile Bourin- Alain Meunier was Odile Bourin’s first cello teacher. Then, after a 1rst Price in Philippe Muller’s class at The Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, she went to The Hague to study with Anner Bijlsma and further on attended The Juilliard School of Music to study with Harvey Shapiro.

Co-principal cellist in the Strasburg Philharmonic Orchestra (from 1985 to 1988), she went back to the CNSM de Paris to attend Christophe Coin’s baroque cello class and Jean Mouillère postgraduate chamber music class. Later on, she took cello lessons with Roland Pidoux. After that, she toured a lot with Orchestre de Paris, La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy, I Solisti Veneti … under the prestigious conductors: Daniel Barenboïm, Kurt Sanderling, Erich Leinsdorf, Armin Jordan, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Claudio Scimone…

Afterwards she toured a lot in the USA, Russia, Japan, Australia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland…and took part in numerous festivals: Edinburgh, Salzburg, Aix-en Provence…

Additionally, she was invited by the Kobe 1000 cello Festival, Japan –during which she gave recitals, concerts and gave masterclasses-, as well as in Hiroshima (2015) and Sendai (2015).

She used to play baroque or classical repertoire with the Hummel Trio (violin/flute, cello and pianoforte/harpsichord). Nowadays, she regularly plays in with piano, guitar, harp, double bass, or cello in DuoCelli or TrioCelli.

In 1989, Odile Bourin passed the Teaching Certificate (Certificat d’Aptitude) –cello major- and decided to devote her life to teaching, pedagogy and chamber music. She teaches in Paris and wrote a Cello Method for beginners in 3 volumes, a Scale Book and transcribed some Chorals by for cello quartet (intermediate level). Everything is edited at Henry Lemoine Publishers, Paris. www.odilebourin.com

More recently, she invented a device for beginning cellists that aims to ease up the bow hold: the Celizy ® pedagogical Solution. www.celizy.com

She is regularly invited to give masterclasses in France, Italy (Brescia, Falerone) and in Argentina (Buenos Aires).

Pedagogical publications: (Henry Lemoine Publishers, Paris)

Chorals by Jean-Sébastien Bach adapted for 4 cellos (2016)

Les gammes au violoncelle/Scales Book for Cello (2014)

Méthode de violoncelle pour débutants/Cello Method for beginners Vol.1 (1996)

Méthode de violoncelle/Cello Method Vol.2 (2000)

Méthode de violoncelle/Cello Method Vol.3 (2005)