Synchronization in group music – Action- research project with the violin section from a student symphony orchestra

Research paper- Master students

Sunday, 8th November 2020-8.30-8.50am

Much research on the synchronization in ensemble music has been done in the past twenty years. Studies in this field frequently involve musicians performing in small groups such as string quartets. Based on some of this research and with the goal of finding new effective ways of rehearsing student ensembles, a project was carried out during sectional rehearsals of the violin section from a symphonic orchestra made up of young students. Synchronization exercises using scales and specific extracts from orchestral pieces were incorporated. 10 segments from 5 pieces were practised using various types of articulations and later evaluated concerning the following criteria: synchronization, pulse and articulation. Results showed a greater cohesion in the group and an overall better performance of the segments.

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About the speaker

Gonçalo Melo was born in Porto and started his musical studies at the Porto Conservatory of Music with José Paulo Jesus (Casa da Música Symphony Orchestra – Porto) and, later on, Andrea Moreira. He studied violin in ESMAE (Porto) with Radu Ungureanu (Casa da Música Symphony Orchestra – Porto). In 2019, he finished his master’s degree in Violin Pedagogy, having studied for two years with Vítor Vieira (Matosinhos String Quartet). Gonçalo Melo has been developing his musical activity as a violinist in Portugal, with IPP Classical Orchestra and Espinho Orchestra, and abroad, with Internationale Junge Orchesterakademie (IJOA) and Neue Philharmonie München.