Chamber Music as a Method in developing young string players.

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Chamber music has been an integral method at the Trondheim Municipality School of Performing Arts for over 40 years, playing a crucial role in shaping young string players to achieve high professional standards. It is a significant component of our talent program, the “Saturday School,” where children begin participating in chamber music from the age of 10. They engage in weekly lessons with their string quartets, piano trios, and other ensembles, complementing their individual lessons and orchestra experience.

Chamber music serves as a unique tool for developing essential skills in young musicians, including playing while listening, flexibility, and the ability to define one’s part in ever-changing musical contexts. Through this, children cultivate a secure and shared sense of pulse, rhythm, intonation, and reading skills. Beyond musical development, participating in a chamber music group provides invaluable social training. Students learn responsibility for their individual parts, the importance of thorough preparation, and the joy of growing together toward common goals.

The lecture will explore how chamber music enhances the students’ social and musical skills, fosters inspiration among peers, and instills a sense of confidence in performing. Our chamber music groups have frequent concert opportunities, including internal performances and invitations to events such as Trondheim Town Council meetings. This engagement with the local community not only provides support but also builds the students’ self-assurance in public performance, benefiting them even in solo endeavors.

The lecture will share experiences accumulated over many years of teaching chamber music. Many former students have pursued music studies at various universities and entered professional careers in music. Some are now holding leading positions in internationally acclaimed chamber ensembles and orchestras, both in Norway and abroad. As teachers, we take pride in offering them a “flying start” through early exposure to the wonders and mysteries of classical chamber music.

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About the speaker

Sven Olav Lyngstad, Violin and Viola

Sven Olav Lyngstad is a teacher of Violin, Viola, Chamber Music, and Orchestra at Trondheim Municipality School of Performing Arts / Trondheim Kulturskole, Norway. He completed his musical education at Trøndelag Conservatory of Music/NTNU in Trondheim, St. Olaf College in Minnesota, USA, and the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Prior to his return to Trondheim in 1986, he performed in a full-time chamber music ensemble in Troms, northern Norway.

Sven teaches at various musical institutions in Trondheim and has a background as both a violist and a player of the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle. His versatile musical expertise has led him to solo performances at festivals in England, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, and the Nordic Countries.