The most important aspects in work with violin beginners
, Croatia

The most important aspects in work with violin beginners

One of Ms. Badanjak’s most captivating interests in violin pedagogy is work with
beginners. In her twenty-year pedagogical experience and research, she collected
valuable insights about this subject which she and her colleagues find of great help in
their teaching.
This lecture summarizes the most important segments in the first year of work with
violin students – posting the instrument, choosing the right program, practicing at
home (during the school year and the school break), communication with students and
parents. It is a complete guide for young teachers and a valuable memorandum for
experienced ones.


Ines Ana Tomić was born in Vinkovci, Croatia. After finished high school in the class of
prof. Eva Hűhn, she has studied at Music Academy in Zagreb where she attained a degree
Master of Arts.
Since an early age, she won several prizes in state competitions and during her studies,
she performed in Croatia and abroad, as a soloist, chamber musician and as a member of
significant Croatian orchestras.
For several years she was a member of the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra and director of the
International String Competition Rudolf Matz.
Today her main focus is on violin pedagogy. She works as a violin teacher in Zagreb and
her students win first prizes and special awards on state and international competitions,
perform around Croatia and are often guests in live shows on Croatian Television.
She is an author of the first Croatian violin school book since 1960 and several other
methodical materials in Croatian and English (The Pizzicato Method) and a member of the
jury on many national and international competitions. She mentors teacher trainees and
holds masterclasses for violin students and teachers.
She received many awards for her work, including the Ministry of Education Award and
Croatian Music and Dance Teachers’; Association Award.