Rosin – can it make a difference?

Flash Presentation

Can rosin make a difference to your playing? Can it make your instrument sound better? Can it make you play more in tune? Many people say rosin is rosin, and the way to improve your sound is to practice harder (or buy a strad!). This presentation will discuss the significant impact that changes in rosin recipe have on one fundamental principle – the vibration on the string – and therefore your sound, and why string players should choose and test rosin carefully in the process of their instrument optimisation. 

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About the speaker

Severiano Paoli, Double bass

Severiano Paoli is an endorsed artist, and Product representative (Europe) for Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. Severiano is a much sought after Bass player across Europe, performing on both historic and modern instruments, including Baroque and Modern Bass, Violone, Viennese Bass, Violas da Gamba – the list goes on.  While performance is his training, work, life and love, his true passion is Rosin (… and food, wine and beer). His hands helped create the Amber Range Rosin for Double Bass, one of the Bass world’s most popular products. He is deeply involved in Leatherwood’s research and development of new recipes and packaging design, his goal being to create a rosin recipe ‘better than the last’! Severiano is available for consultation about Leatherwood’s products, particularly with the Amber Range for Bass