The Atlantis Songbook

Table of Contents


“The Atlantis Songbook” features my original compositions, introducing several innovative elements to the performance:

  • The musician assumes the role of a singer-songwriter, presenting all original works that will have their Portugal premiere;
  • The cello will be tuned in an unusual scordatura, with the A string tuned down to an E;
  • The program incorporates singing, whistling, and various theatrical components;
  • Some pieces will be performed in unconventional positions, such as the cellist and the cello standing, with the cellist holding the instrument with his jaw and using it as a percussion instrument; the cello upside down, resting on the cellist’s thigh; and the cellist walking around the room, cradling the cello upside down in his arms like a baby;
  • Each piece will be performed in a different location on the concert stage, with the specific placements determined after the room assignment.


This recording is only for reference and consultation by the participants of the ESTA Porto 2024 Conference. All contents are protected by copyright and its violation is a crime. Illegal downloading and sharing of content or part of it is strictly prohibited


“The Atlantis Songbook”


  1.   Spinning Song
  2.   Puro Açúcar
  3.   Plucky
  4.   Rap Tupiniquim
  5.   Dance of a Thousand Bows
  6.   Waltz for Scodanibbio
  7.   Insomnia
  8.   Before Bartók
  9.   After Bartók
  10. The Great Plains
  11. I have something to tell you
  12. Bariolage


Pedro de Alcantara, Cello

Pedro de Alcantara is a musician, writer, teacher, and artist. He began his musical journey as a conventional cellist, focusing on mainstream repertoire. However, over the decades, he expanded his scope to include improvisation, composition, singing, and proficiency in multiple instruments. His extensive collection of books, including four volumes of music pedagogy published by Oxford University Press, showcases his diverse expertise. The titles include “The Integrated String Player: Embodied Vibration,” “Integrated Practice: Coordination, Rhythm & Sound,” “Creative Health for Pianists: Concepts, Exercises & Compositions,” and “Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique.”

From 2015 to 2022, Pedro served as a Visiting Professor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. Currently based in Paris, he travels globally, conducting workshops that explore the intersection of creativity and health. More information can be found on his website:

Pedro de Alcantara continues to contribute to the world of music, education, and creativity.