Educational resources for Special needs education kids on the strings classroom

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This lecture aims to describe and provide specific educational resources for string teachers working with students in special needs education. The current curriculum in higher education for string instruments often neglects the adaptation of teaching methodologies for children with special educational needs. Consequently, there is a reluctance among teachers to instruct such children due to a lack of knowledge or insufficient resources to achieve positive results. This lecture addresses the imperative for training bowed string teachers in this context.

The proposed approach is applicable in both formal and informal teaching settings, drawing on the characteristics and learning styles of the students, as well as the personal and research experience of the author. The intervention proposal introduces a unique approach to teaching the instrument for students with autism and gifted students. The results obtained from this experience demonstrate the appropriateness of the provided resources and the potential for enhancing music learning in these student profiles.

Keywords: cello, didactic resources, autism, innovation, inclusion.

About the speaker

Paula Hernández Dionis – President of ESTA Spain, Cello and Double Bass

A Doctor in Education from the University of La Laguna, she has conducted extensive research in cello and double bass didactics, presenting her work at numerous national and international congresses. This research has culminated in the creation of the books “From the Cello to the Bass,” specifically designed to instruct each instrument individually or guide cellists in learning the double bass. Holding dual qualifications as both a cellist and double bass player, she has earned two Master’s degrees in Cello Performance, as well as degrees in Education and ICTs, Teacher Training, and a Pedagogical Qualification.

Actively collaborating with Spanish professional orchestras, she currently balances her roles as a soloist and chamber music performer with her position as a Professor at the University of La Laguna.