These days, it’s not always possible to get together as an ensemble or teach and support students at home.

Well, thanks to the generous support of Thomastik -Infeld and clever technology from the people at PartPlay – now you can!

PartPlay enables you to play along with professionals, study their technique, style and musical interpretation in close detail – and hear what they have to say about those tricky bits. You can mute, solo, loop or slow down any combination of instruments, download each part – and even record yourself.

There’s repertoire for every standard from easy Blackwell duets to the Beethoven, Dvorak and Ravel quartets. We offer a completely free subscription plan and Education licences are available.

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Exhibitors Schedule

Sunday, 1st November 2020 | 9:30am – 10:30am

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Steve Bingham

Philp Aird