Panel: Double bass Teaching in Portugal: History, Actuality and Good Practices

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In the last few decades, the Portuguese community of double bass players has experienced exponential growth, attributed to the increased number of music schools. From north to south, the presence of double bass classes is now evident in various educational systems. The impact of this development is clearly visible through individuals who have subsequently become professionals, either teaching double bass or holding orchestra positions, both nationally and overseas. This panel aims to depict the evolution of this trend and the efforts undertaken by schools and teachers in our country. It will present notable influences, methodologies, noteworthy initiatives, and individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping this transformative process.


1. Vitor Albuquerque: A History of Double Bass in Portugal.

2. Sérgio Barbosa & João Francisco Gonçalves: Teaching Double Bass in Portugal:

several ways of working, the same path to music.

3. Margarida Castro & Nuno Arrais: Intersubjectivity and musical development in the classroom: Alexandre Samardjiev’s legacy, an example of good practices and excellent results in double bass teaching.

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