Masterclass with Rodrigo Malvar

Masterclass – States of Future Present

I propose envisioning human presence through artistic explorations that intertwine future studies with imagination and engagement, shaping compellingly original narratives of people’s experiences.

My focus is on the imaginaries that we can build today, and going into this proposal, our drive and enthusiasm are captured by the possibilities of imagination as an agent of change. Through these masterclasses, I want to give back power to imagination, exploring the future as a source of agency in our present, and reminding ourselves that our future(s) already exist today, as potential.


Rodrigo Malvar

Rodrigo Malvar holds a master’s degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation from the UA and has completed an acting course at ESMAE. He has collaborated with notable figures such as Jean Philippe Vassal, Kristin Linklater, David Abram, and Grzegorz Bral.

As a performer, sound artist, and co-artistic director of Teatro do Frio, Rodrigo has been delving into the concept of sound drama, exploring the intricate relationship between composition and dramaturgy since 2013. Additionally, he teaches at ESMAE, where he has been conducting research on body-voice-mind-emotion since 2013, and actively contributes to the NIMAE-IPP Music and Performing Arts Research Centre.

Rodrigo has successfully developed and systematized participation, collaboration, and mediation processes and has presented shows in collaboration with Culturgest, the Materiais Diversos Festival, and as part of the co-artistic direction of the AZEVEDO project. His regular collaborations include work with the Douro Museum and the City Museum, where he brings to life the relationship between body, sound, landscape, and fiction through sonic realization.

As a Portuguese artist, Rodrigo represented Portugal at CREART’13 and ’20, showcasing his work in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, and Lithuania.

In 2020, he took on the role of curator for the Polo da Pasteleira within the framework of Cultura em Expansão – CMP and served as an artistic consultant for the Imaginarius Public Art Festival.