Luthiers Meet

The ESTA Portugal Branch is delighted to announce the Music Fair and Luthiers Meet ESTA Porto 2024 will take place at the 52nd International ESTA Conference, welcoming enthusiasts interested in exploring the latest market products or seeking instruments for personal or instructional purposes. We are actively promoting this event in Portugal and Spain to enhance commercial engagement during the Conference.

We are excited to offer a unique opportunity for luthiers to showcase their instruments in a practical setting at the event. Throughout the conference, we will organize activities that require instruments, and with your consent, delegates will have the chance to use your instruments in these practical sessions. These instrument loans will be for very brief periods, ensuring maximum exposure for your creations at the Luthiers Meet ESTA 2024. This hands-on experience not only allows potential clients to witness the craftsmanship firsthand but also provides luthiers with a valuable platform to demonstrate the exceptional qualities of their instruments in action. We believe this initiative will further enhance the overall experience for both luthiers and delegates alike.

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