The inner and outer singing on the double bass

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The inner and outer singing on the double bass


.Un canto interior

.Donde esta la Luna


.Tú no sabes ná



.El viento al arból

.A Estrela Voadora

.Okan Ayé


.Mi Changó


Luis Cojal, Double bass

Born in Havana, Cuba, Luis Cojal beginning his studies at a very young age, commencing studies in the 1980s and earning a degree in Superior Double Bass from the ISA (Universidad de las Artes de la Habana) in 1994. That same year, the Conservatori Professional de Música of Vila-seca in Catalonia, Spain, invited him to join the string department as a double bass teacher—a role he continues today.

Passionate about diverse musical styles, Luis Cojal spent over 10 years as a member of the esteemed contemporary music group BARCELONA 216, touring Europe on numerous concert series. His professional endeavors extend beyond the Conservatory, regularly participating in classical orchestras, festivals as a double bass player, and conducting master classes in specialized centers across Paris, Prague, Boulder-Colorado, and more.

In 2014, he unveiled his debut solo album, CANTO A LOS ANCESTROS, a unique fusion of voice and double bass celebrating his Afro-Cuban roots. In 2015, he founded and directed the Afará Ancestors Project, collaborating with musicians from Mali and Cuba to release the album Ilé Mi (2017, Slow Walk Music), a harmonious blend of Afro-Cuban and African music. In 2019, he established his label, Two Sounds, showcasing the sonic possibilities of voice and double bass without embellishments. The project SOUNDSCAPES OF THE SOUL, born in the same year, showcased the technical and timbral richness of both his instrument and voice, drawing influences from jazz, Cuban and Afro-Cuban popular music, classical music, contemporary music, world music, and devotional music. In 2021, in collaboration with stage director Carlos Murias, he co-created the musical project DIÁSPORA, a homage to Mother Africa through singing, double bass, and percussion.

Faithful to his Two Sounds brand, Luis Cojal returns to the stage with his latest album, Céfiro. This captivating album is experimental, distinctive, vibrant, and represents an exciting personal expression born from the soul. Each track unfolds a world replete with diverse stories, where emotions waft through the air in a unique and creative style.