The Musical Brain


If you consider the brain as a highway comprised of muscles, it becomes easier to comprehend why some students excel while others do not. Envision the art of teaching from this perspective: What if you were to instruct a student to walk on the blue tiles in your room, and it turns out they’re color-blind? You might think they aren’t paying attention to the instructions you’ve provided, or you wonder why they haven’t practiced. In this session, Julie Lyonn Lieberman will draw on extensive research spanning over 40 years to deliver information that every music teacher should have been taught while earning their position to tutor young players. You will find this session extremely illuminating.

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About the speaker

Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Violin

Julie Lyonn Lieberman is the author of 13 books, including two National Public Radio series (“The Talking Violin,” hosted by Dr. Billy Taylor, and “Jazz Profiles: Jazz Violin,” hosted by Nancy Wilson). She has contributed over 50 magazine articles, created over two dozen multi-style scores (published by Alfred Music, Kendor Music, and Carl Fischer), and produced hundreds of video tutorials. Over 28 seasons, she served as the Artistic Director of her summer program, Strings Without Boundaries, and conducted multi-style string teacher training sessions in collaboration with D’Addario Orchestral, NS Design, Eastman Strings, and Double Bass HQ.

She has delivered clinics at 24 conferences for the American String Teachers Association, as well as for NAfME chapters, the European String Teachers Association, and numerous colleges and universities. Julie has engaged with middle through high school students in school residencies for over four decades. Her diverse career includes performances on and off Broadway, appearances in folk and jazz clubs, and collaborations with various theatre and dance companies.

Julie Lyonn Lieberman co-authored “Standards, Goals and Learning Sequences for Essential Skills and Knowledge in K-12 String Programs” with Jane Linn Aten, Mary L. Wagner, and Stephen J. Benham. She received the 2014 American String Teachers Association (ASTA) Kudos Award, over two dozen ASCAP Plus Awards, eight Meet the Composer awards, and three ASTA National Citation for Leadership & Merit awards. Her documentary, “Improvised Violin: Four Personal Views,” designed, moderated, performed in, and edited by her, alongside Leroy Jenkins, Billy Bang, and John Blake, Jr., received an honorable mention in the American Film and Video Festival.

Julie Lyonn Lieberman is a distinguished D’Addario clinician, an NS Design performance artist, and an Eastman Strings Ambassador.