Pick-Up Violins vs Microphones on Violins


What is the best way to amplify a violin (or other string instruments like the viola or the cello)? Is it a microphone, which preserves the rich tone of the instrument but increases the risk of feedback and/or captures other external sounds? Or is it a pick-up (or a violin with an internal pick-up) that can be tricky to showcase good sound quality but is better (and easier) to connect on stage or jam with other musicians instantly?

In this demonstration, Joana Carvalhas will explore this theme and discuss the pros and cons of both methods of amplification. The artist will also attempt to play the same song live on two different violins: one acoustic violin, where she will use a microphone, and an electric-acoustic violin (with an internal pick-up). Both violins will be from EASTMAN STRINGS – an innovative and versatile music company.

This demonstration will last around 30-45 minutes, depending on the level of engagement from the audience during the thematic discussion at the end of the educational segment and the short performance.

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About the speaker

Joana Carvalhas, Violin

Joana Carvalhas is a Portuguese multi-style violinist actively performing and teaching in Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The classically trained graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK) constantly explores new musical styles and concepts to create innovative sounds and textures on the violin. She has been expressively developing a unique solo project of original music for violin and loopstation.

Joana’s original works stay true to her Portuguese heritage with influences of Celtic folk attributed to her time spent in Scotland. More than a violinist, Joana is a wholesome musician using the violin to express and celebrate music. Joana plays jazz, free improvisation, and dynamic concerts with live looping and special effects.

She has performed across the world and tours often in the US, UK, and different countries in Europe. She is a member of the techno project Vegetale Fatale (Germany) and often collaborates with the indie rock band, The Stellar Anderson Project (UK).