Galicia Fiddle Orchestra


Saturday, 23rd March 2024 – 7:15pm-8pm

The Galicia Fiddle Orchestra is an educational initiative where both teachers and students collaborate. Originating from annual gatherings on the Island of San Simón, it has become a pioneering and distinctive musical ensemble, offering inspiration to new generations of violinists and cellists who wish to engage in a group that breaks away from the traditional model of string orchestras while complementing their classical studies.

The GFO specializes in performing popular music without the reliance on sheet music, allowing for a more spontaneous and expressive performance where body language and interaction with the audience play a central role. The ensemble includes violins, cellos, acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion.

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The Galicia Fiddle Orchestra is an internationally recognized educational project. Our orchestra consists of young individuals aged 12 to 20, along with their teachers, and is complemented by esteemed musicians within the traditional Galician music scene, including Begoña Riobó, Anxo Pintos, Marina Carpente, Hugo Franco, Felipe Rodicio, and Alfonso Franco. Together, we comprise a total of 35 musicians, primarily violinists, but also featuring cellists, acoustic guitarists, traditional music percussionists, and vocalists like Claudia Abril.

Drawing inspiration from Celtic music, our repertoire is continually enriched during our summer gatherings on the island of San Simón. These events provide us with opportunities to exchange experiences and melodies with musicians from diverse regions such as Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Louisiana, and Arab countries. Through our efforts, we aim to promote music as a powerful tool for fostering coexistence, peace, values education, and cultivating curiosity, respect, and interest in the diversity and culture of all peoples.

The orchestra solidified its presence in 2018 when it participated in the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Aberdeen, Scotland. The GFO has recorded two albums, “ACORLE” and “ACANTEIRA,” one featuring the entire orchestral group and the other showcasing individual soloists.