ENCb 2024 – Double Bass National Meeting


ENCb 2024 – Encontro Nacional de Contrabaixo/Double Bass National Meeting is a Portuguese double bass teachers initiative, which involves students from initiation to secondary education, coming from all over the country. Starting in 2018 as a national meeting for young initiation students, quickly became so interesting and important for the double bass community that it was extended to other levels. This year, like previous editions, more than a hundred students, accompanied by their teachers, are expected to meet and play together on a wonderful day of work and conviviality. According to parents and teachers, the peer-oriented learning carried out during these meetings has revealed very positive and lasting effects on students. A final open concert takes place where groups of various levels are presented, culminating in a large orchestra with all students playing together. The ENCb 2024 will take place at Porto Music Conservatory, one of the oldest and most respected music schools in Portugal, and will be organized by our dear colleagues Joel Azevedo, teacher at Conservatório de Música do Porto and musician at Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música, and José Fidalgo, teacher at Conservatório do Porto and musician at Orquestra Barroca Casa da Música.