Celizy®, an innovating teaching device for cello beginers

The Celizy® Teaching Device is a new accessory devoted to beginning cellists. Its specific purpose is to ease up the bow hold which is THE principal difficulty for beginning students.

  • It prevents the right hand to clutch the bow nut and therefore lessens the strain of the right thumb, arm and shoulder.
  • It allows to set up a long-term position that contributes to a plain and rewarding sound production along with a flexible and curved wrist.


Very light and very handy, it slips in an instant onto the bow or clips at the level of the nut. It is not necessary to remove it before storing the bow in the case.

It has been designed by Odile Bourin, who is very involved in cello pedagogy and author of several cello books (Methods, Scales and others, Henry Lemoine Publishers)

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