5 – Workshop – Body Awareness during violin playing


Saturday, 31st October 2020-11.00am-12.00pm

Athletes and dancers learn how to use their bodies in movement to perform in the most efficient way. Usually, musicians play from the mind and heart without knowledge or awareness of their body movements, while playing the violin. They practice many motor skills every day to achieve a good technique. Often, they are not aware of the movements they need for a good and healthy technique. It is my profession to help violinists with their mental and physical problems while playing the violin.

Most of the violinists suffer from neck and shoulder pain or injuries. They feel uncomfortable or they are out of balance with their instrument while playing. The goal is to play the violin without blockages, pain or injuries. A healthy violin technique, based on flexibility, gives you a natural and projected violin sound. Knowledge about your own body and feeling how you usually move gives you a lot of information about the tension and relaxation of your musculoskeletal system. If you increase body awareness, you will learn to feel when and where you use too much tension. It is not about creating a good posture, but about moving in a natural way. In my opinion, it is very important to teach children and adults how to play the violin in a natural and healthy way so they can enjoy their musical life for a long time.

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About the speaker

Esther den Boer

As a professional violinist, I am specialized in helping amateur and professional violinists who struggle with physical problems during their playing.

My passion for healthy violin playing has led me to research the influence of our musculoskeletal system in our violin playing.


  1. Nursing Training A
  2. Bachelor Violin
  3. Post-training Methodology HKU
  4. Training Dance and Feldenkrais

Teaching Violin from 2010 to now:

  1. Violin/viola teacher in private school
  2. Violin/viola teacher in Zoetermeer in the Center for Art and Culture
  3. Violin teacher in the University College Roosevelt te Middelburg
  4. Violin coach and injury practitioner in private practice
  5. Workshop leader of Body-Conscious Violin playing.
  6. Workshop leader of Violin and Body Balance for orchestras
  7. Leader of group rehearsals from orchestra
  8. Performing musician chamber music and orchestra playing

For 5 years coaching and training amateur and professional violinists, mentally and physically, with injury complaints, in private practice in Rotterdam and in the Centre for Art and Culture Zoetermeer.