ATRÍO Concert

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This intriguing ensemble consists of three Galician musicians from Vigo. Each member of the trio is involved in independent musical projects: Alfonso Franco serves as the section director of the Sondeseu Folk Orchestra and directs the Galicia Fiddle Association; Claudia Abril contributes her voice and violin skills to the trio Abril, and Hugo Franco pursues a successful career in Barcelona as a producer and guitarist for folk violinists such as Roo Guedes or Craigh Juddelman.

As a trio, they have participated in numerous international events in China, Costa Rica, and Brazil, presenting traditional Galician string music. The emotion conveyed in their performances stems from the close family bond that unites them, evident in the complicity of each song.

Alfonso Franco has been a violin teacher for 25 years and is one of the most prominent figures in folk string teaching in Spain. Claudia Abril is a teacher of introductory folk violin and traditional singing and percussion. Hugo Franco is a folk guitar teacher and a national reference in DADGAD tuning.


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ATRÍO, Violin, Guitar and Percussion

Hugo, Alfonso, and Claudia Franco form an acoustic ensemble deeply rooted in the traditional music of Galicia. The group’s approach seamlessly combines the most traditional music of their homeland—marked by singing and percussion—with a more folky and international style. While each member individually pursues diverse musical projects, their collaborative work as a trio harmoniously blends their musical perspectives, presenting ancient rhythms and melodies to the audience through a 21st-century lens.

In their repertoire, alongside Galician pieces, one can discern influences from the Celtic world, Castile, and even from their Portuguese neighbors, sharing many melodies and rhythms along with the language. Since 2017, they have conducted masterclasses and concerts in diverse locations such as China, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Scotland, spreading the richness of Galician music globally. They reside in Vigo, where they teach at various educational centers and organize two significant events that seamlessly blend artistic activity and education: San Simón Fiddle and Encordass Fiddle Festival. In 2022, these events dedicated their edition to the rabeca and Brazilian music, featuring guest masters Ricardo Herz, Vanille Groovaerts, Filpo Ribeiro, Alison Lima, and Mauricio Carusso. As part of their tour in Brazil, they performed in Rio de Janeiro, Santos, and Sao Paulo.