ABC Violino

ABC DO VIOLINO is not a new teaching method but a set of technical exercises adapted for children between 4 and 12 years old. It can support the different teaching methods used by the teacher in the classroom.

The aim of this compendium of exercises is to help the child overcome technical aspects of violin practice and strengthen motivation through educational games. It contains appealing images, an easy language for students, teachers and parents, it is written in portuguese, it helps in the child’s motivation and allows parents to be more active in the child’s learning process. The drawings show technical and pedagogical rigor so that the child, with only the visualization of the images, can immediately perceive the correct performance of the exercise.

ABC DO VIOLINO has an intuitive section with drawings and small reminders for children and a more detailed and objective section for teachers and parents. Its organization was inspired by school books in which there is a manual for the student and for the teacher. The right side of the book contains appealing images for children and the left side explains in detail how the exercise should be carried out and its objectives.

ABC DO VIOLINO has a total of 30 exercises divided by POSTURE, LEFT HAND AND RIGHT HAND.

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